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Board of Directors

Matthew MooreCEO & President
Matthew literally grew up in the hearing health industry, with having internships and mentorships beginning with his Grandfather who has personally helped over 20,000 hearing- impaired patients in his private hearing aid practice since the 1940s. At the age of 10, Matthew was working in the Marketing Department of his parents private hearing aid practice. Matthew’s father Mark and his mother Kim owned one of the largest private hearing aid practices in Northern California. After Matthew graduated from High School and while attending college, he took more of a full-time position in the Marketing and Operation of his parents hearing aid practice. By the age of 22, Matthew became a full partner in his parents hearing aid business, which then grew to one of the largest private hearing aid practices in the United States with over 70 locations and over 40,000 customers in a 10-year period.

During this growth of the Moore's private hearing aid practice, Matthew along with his parents, formed "InnerScope Advertising Agency," in 2006, which is now known as InnerScope Hearing Technologies. InnerScope Advertising Agency was a company specializing in hearing aid marketing for the 15,000 private hearing aid and audiological practices in the United States. InnerScope Advertising Agency worked with ALL Major Hearing Aid Manufacturers and their B2B customers to assist in HIGH ROI marketing and advertising strategies. InnerScope was able to create a reputation within the hearing aid industry as “One of the Best” Advertising Agency for the industry. InnerScope with its BEST PRACTICES approach has helped hundreds of practice owners and thousands of private practice locations to help with their marketing, advertising and operational strategies for maximizing patient care, patient satisfaction and profits for their practice.

Over the years Matthew and his parents sold off several hearing aid practice locations and in 2016 sold their remaining 22 locations for over $14 Million. After decades of blood, sweat, and tears, the decision to sell was to dedicate themselves to grow InnerScope Hearing Technologies as a LEADER in the Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Health products. The Moore's for years has helped tens of thousands of hearing-impaired customers in the California Market, but with their success and undeniable of years of experience in the hearing industry they wanted to help millions, if not tens of millions of hearing-impaired individuals in North America and Globally.

Matthew, as InnerScope’s CEO, has shown his leadership ability by forming distribution partnerships with Walmart, Sears, and other Big Box Retailers/Pharmacies as well as independent retailers and pharmacies for InnerScope's Products and Services. The last few years, Matthew has created a Pipeline of NEW Distribution Partnerships in which he is excited to share with the world in the coming days.

The Moore's have scoured the globe, to include; South Korea, Japan, India, Netherlands, Israel, China, Germany, UK, and within the United States to put together technology, partners, products, and services to ensure InnerScope is offering the very best of Premium Affordable Highly Accessible Hearing Technologies Products and Services on a Direct-to-Consumer level.

The Moore’s have solely dedicating themselves to InnerScope’s Mission of helping tens of millions of people by offering Direct-to-Consumer access to InnerScope’s affordable Hearing Health Products.
Kim MooreCFO
Kim Moore – Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”).Mrs. Moore has over 45 years of experience in the Hearing Aid Industry. She literally grew up in the industry helping her father develop and maintain his hearing aid practice, in Central Valley, California. Mrs. Moore brings her experience as the CFO over 70+ hearing aid practice locations with the family business.

Mrs. Moore started working for her father at age eight, when she would help stuff direct mail pieces for an upcoming marketing campaign. She learned from her father that no potential customer walks through the door unless you advertise and market properly to the people that want to hear better. As a Hearing Instrument Specialist, Mrs. Moore has counseled, fit and given hearing tests to more the thirty-thousand people over the years.
Mark MooreChairman
Mark Moore – Chairman & Co-Founder. Mr. Moore has over 35 years in hearing aid dispensing, practice management, private label brand management and hearing aid marketing. Mr. Moore’s expertise in not only running a one of the largest and most successful multi-office/multi-state private hearing aid practices, but also developing time-tested proven new marketing and advertising strategies over the past 35 years has made him one of the most sought-after experts in the hearing aid industry. He has personally helped over ten thousand people with their hearing problems through fitting hearing aids.

Mr. Moore previously was a columnist for Advanced for Audiologists, a global industry publication as well as numerous senior publications throughout Northern California. Mark has also developed patented and patent-pending products in the areas of Nutritional Supplements for hearing related issues, Aural Rehabilitation programs, and Low-Level Laser Therapy for Tinnitus and Sensorineural hearing loss.